Highland Website Marketing: professional website assistance for businesses in the Highlands of Scotland (and elsewehere)
specialising in pay per click advertising, search engine optimisation training, web development consultancy
in order to make websites commercially successful and provide real return on investment.

Good-looking website, but few sales or bookings? Highland Website Marketing can help you turn your website into a successful source of revenue. Or perhaps your website needs a re-design or additional features, but you are not sure what your best investment is likely to be.


Does your website provide a really substantial ROI? Highland Website Marketing can help you drive more traffic to your website; not just any traffic, but potential clients and customers who are looking specifically for the goods and services that you provide.


You are welcome to call Highland Website Marketing now to discuss your requirements and for no-obligation advice, or click on the tabs above to read more ...


Highland Website Marketing specialises in Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising, also known as sponsored links and also places adverts for your website on other relevant websites. Professional training in PPC campaign management is available too.


For a comparison of the relative effectiveness of Pay Per Click advertising and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), please click here. You may be surprised to discover that a properly run PPC campaign can be far more effective and far less costly than SEO.


Highland Website Marketing also specialises in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) training and consultancy. Genuinely effective SEO can be very expensive, and therefore SEO consultancy is often necessary to recommend the most effective strategy for your business. Training is also provided if your company wishes to pursue an SEO campaign in-house, as this is often the best method.


Because of the extensive competition for search engine positioning for relevant and popular search phrases, many SEO companies have been forced to resort to questionable methods, just in order to "stay in the game". Highland Website Marketing SEO consultancy alerts you to many of these methods and their pitfalls. It may be that SEO is not actually likely to bring a good ROI in your case, so other approaches are often recommended such as Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC).


If however, you do choose to go down the SEO route, I do provide services such as content creation and copywriting, in addition to consultancy.

Highland Website Marketing Objectives



  • Increase the number of targeted visitors to your website
  • Improve your conversion ratio
  • Spot potential problems and fix them
  • Reduce website maintenance costs
  • Avoid pitfalls and promotional scams




Maximising ROI with Your Website - Customisable In-House Training Course

Is your website giving you value for money? Can potential customers who don't yet know of your existence find your website easily? Will it result in them purchasing your products or services? This course will show you how to promote your website effectively and avoid expensive mistakes.


Normally this course is run over a single day. However, it can be run over several days if needed. It is designed for your marketing staff but anyone can benefit from attendance.


The course will cover the following topics:

  • Website review - looking at your website and how it may be improved
  • Ensuring that your website is relevant to what customers are looking for - your target market
  • Ensuring that new customers can find your website via relevant and likely search phrases
  • How search engines find and index websites
  • Understanding search engine optimisation and pay per click advertising
  • Exploring other means of website promotion such as social networks and link exchanges
  • Ethics of website promotion

By the end of the course you will know best how not to waste your money on irrelevant "solutions", and how best to achieve success with your website with minimum cost.




Professional Website Consultancy



It often helps to get an objective outsider's view of your website. In particular, an outsider with actual experience of building and promoting websites, who has a realistic assessment of what is possible to acheive within a given budget.


Large sums of money are often thrown at websites, but the results are poor. There are various reasons for this, one of the most common being lack of attention to a search engine friendly structure from the outset, another being the deployment of over-elaborate technology whilst neglecting the often simpler and quicker-performing features which most customers prefer.


"Last year our bookings were slow. We called in Alasdair [Highland Website Marketing] to provide website consultancy and training in pay per click advertising. We implemented his website recommendations, and applied his advertising system. Since then our bookings have increased considerably."


Tracy Hextall, Office Administrator, Islands & Highlands Cottages, August 2006