Highland Website Marketing: professional website assistance for businesses in the Highlands of Scotland (and elsewehere)
specialising in pay per click advertising, search engine optimisation training, web development consultancy
in order to make websites commercially successful and provide real return on investment.

Content Creation

There are two main methods of optimising your site for search engines:

  • Getting other sites to link to your site
  • Increasing the text content on your site in order to increase the range and density of relevant keywords:

The first method is tricky. You need to get high quality links i.e. contextually relevant links from other sites with a good profile in Google. This is easier said than done. Poor quality links can actually result in your site being downgraded by Google. So you need to choose your link partners carefully. This is often best done in-house with a search engine consultant assisting and advising in the process. I can analyse the sites which you think might provide you with relevant links, assessing them for suitability, and once you have agreed terms with these potential link partners (e.g. agreeing to a link exchange), I can advise on how best to structure these links so that they increase your search engine rankings.


The second method is also tricky. Adding extra keywords to a site can make the existing pages read badly and this is off-putting to users. Landing pages specifically for search engines are often built to circumvent this, but if these are badly written and poorly researched many users will simply leave the site and go elsewhere.


Therefore I have researchers who can provide good quality content for landing pages, which have a good chance of interesting and engaging the user, holding them on your site long enough to have a look at the services that you offer. I research the keywords that have a the best chance of working for you, get my researchers to provide material on the relevant keyword-related topics, and tweak the text they provide for maximum search engine advantage, and structure the HTML code. I can then either add the pages to your site directly or provide your webmaster with what they need to add the pages - such as the HTML code.


Another form of content which is very valuable and can bring great search engine benefit (due to the relative lack of competition compared to normal copywriting) are pages in foreign languages. I have a team of translators who, in conjunction with me, can provide search engine optimised web page translations. I also ensure that the foreign language pages are correctly coded as different kinds of encoding are often necessary to handle aspects such as diacritical marks (accents).

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Professional Services Summary



Website Promotion & Marketing - Helping you ensure that potential customers find your website and purchase your services and products.

Pay Per Click Advertising - Advertising your website effectively through highly targetted PPC campaigns.

Website Advice & Consultancy - assisting you in ensuring that your website does what you want and need it to do and checking it for problems.

Website Training - Training in how to manage your own website, your own website marketing campaign, and various other aspects of websites and computing.