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Highland Website Marketing is run by website professional, Alasdair Broun, who has extensive experience in building and successfully promoting websites, and running online advertising campaigns for small businesses in the Highlands of Scotland. He has run courses on website promotion in Ullapool, Portree and Sleat for the former Highlands and Islands Enterprise Link Programme, and for the Ullapool Tourism and Business Association.

He works in conjunction with a network of independent web designers and photographers in the Highlands to bring you the best results from their combined experience.




Your website must meet the expectations of its target market. This may not correspond to the ideas you had in mind!

It must also be easy to find by your potential customers - those who have not yet heard of you must be able to reach your site. This is not always possible to achieve by traditional methods such as Search Engine Optimisation so we look at a whole range of approaches.

User Friendly

In these days of smartphones and tablets, it is vital that your website is mobile/tablet-friendly. We can check this for you and upgrade your website if necessary.

No matter how lovely your website looks, if users find it hard to navigate and get to the information they want easily and quickly, your website will lose business.

Hand Coded HTML

Websites built with visual editors tend to generate messy and over-complicated HTML code and are hard to maintain in the long term.

Hand-coded websites offer superior performance and design flexibility.

Common Sense

Marketing is basically common sense. Simple, no-nonsense approaches work best. Get inside the minds of your potential customers and you will then know how to do business with them. We offer training and consultancy to enable you to do this.

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You can also call us on 01463 633 777.
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Or you can use the contact form on our old mobile-unfriendly website in the meantime. Thank you.